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  1. I religiously check your posts. Glad you are back! Also, is there an intention to release the Powershell Language Specification for v4?

    • We’ll update the doc but as we go to a more rapid cadence, we’ll need to figure out when the cadence to update that doc.

  2. Hello

    I recently published
    the research
    on using classic Windows Forms to add UI for Powershell and explored all sort of scenarios on
    Dealing with Powershell Inputs via Basic Windows Form where provided samples for
    Multiple Choice Prompt
    Collecting Selections from Checkbox and Radiobutton Groups
    Checked Listbox Selection
    Data Grid
    Misc. Password Input
    Active Directory
    Session Cookies
    Tabbed Dialog with Input Focus control
    Embedding XAML

    and combinations of those

    all code is on my github

    My article so far got 3500 views at codeproject for the first week and counting.
    I was wondering if there is Powershell forum or user group this information should be appropriate to share with
    Please advise

  3. Thanks for this. I’ve been digging into DSC and at first glance it’s very alluring.

    As I go further, though, I’m struggling with the dependency model a little bit. Dependencies on the same machine, I can just use DependsOn, and that’s great. How do you handle cross-machine configuration dependencies, though? Can you?

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